Venture / En Route Essentials

Like most I am not a lover of long haul flying. I happen to live in a place bound by nothing but ocean though so venturing afar naturally means days of travel. So to make those hours more agreeable I like to indulge with beautiful things of function and comfort; en route essentials.

I doubt I’ll ever tire of journeying internationally, for all the hassles there’s still something so glamorous and alluring about the affair. It’s the mysterious perhaps. The transplant of yourself into places beyond the familiar. Of other worlds and other cultures. Of people that think and act in ways entirely different to your everyday. Our communities are no longer simply local of course but there’s still something that feels thrilling in the physical experience of being elsewhere; when all your senses are engaged in the discovery. 

I find joy then in preparations for these journeys; joy in well designed objects that add small touches of comfort and relief. Touches that mean I'm distract from the weariness and the nervous energy. Things that are made for simple pleasures. These are my favourites and I share them without influence.

Edible Beauty / NO. 3 Sleeping Beauty Tea

One thing you’ll come to learn of me is that I adore tea. I adore beautifully crafted blends that thoughtfully combine botanicals. I am loathed however at cheap tea bags in throw away containers and airports and aircraft tend to favour nothing but that. While good sleep all but alludes me when I fly; this blend is calming and soothing of frayed nerves. It contains oat seed, lemon verbena and chamomile flower blossoms with the addition of organic lemon balm to support digestion and lavender, which soothes the skin. These of course are beneficial qualities given the sedentary nature of flight and the austere environment of the aeroplane cabin. Edible Beauty teas all contain therapeutic botanicals and wildcrafted ingredients. They were created by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitosis. There are ten blends in total and amongst my other favourites are No. 2 Fountain of Youth with rosehip, hibiscus, papaya and pineapple; No. 4 Golden Glow with burdock, cleavers, liquorice and red clovers; & No. 5 White Chai Digestif with licorice, fennel, cinnamon and vanilla. Now that is tea done right. Find more of Edible Beauty and their range here.

Note: remember to check customs allowances for plant matter depending on your place of travel.

Made by Fressko / flask

Taking tea leaves to flight is all but useless with no way to brew hence to compliment my first essential is this Made by Fressko flask. It’s no secret that maintaining hydration is important and none more so than in a dry cabin environment. Keeping up fluids not only helps with digestion but also the effects of jet lag. This beautiful vessel not only includes an infuse filter but it’s also double walled to make it comfortable in the hand and so to insulate its contents. The filter can be removed and the flask also used for cold infusions or simply in transport of water. Some of the recommended uses include tea, coffee, fruit water, smoothies and juices. Glass is the most natural, safe and tasteful way to consume liquid, and Fressko have made beautiful vessels that are not only environmentally friendly but also eliminate harmful materials and promote sustainable reuse. I favour the 500ml Lift flask though there is also a Tour 400ml flask and Rise 300ml flask. To read more about Made by Fressko or to peruse their product range follow along here.

Note: be sure to carry your flask empty through airport security as there are liquid restrictions for on board luggage. Once on your flight simply ask an attendant where you might be able to fill throughout the journey. 

Aesop / Jet Set Kit

"To maintain impeccable upkeep abroad this kit is an essential carry-on component. Upon arrival at your destination, take a brisk walk, then return to your temporary abode to cleanse, hydrate and refresh” - Aesop

My last essential is less to do with on board comfort and more about your arrival or indeed for refreshment at a long stopover. There’s nothing better than that first clean after an extended journey and this Aesop jet set kit makes that experience all the better. It includes classic shampoo and conditioner, geranium leaf body cleanser and rind concentrate body balm. These are the finest quality products of plant based and laboratory made ingredients; beautifully crafted formulations that are a treasure to behold. Aesop creations are some of those rare things; made not only for wellbeing but also as to elevate daily experiences. They have a broad and universal range with other useful travel companions that include ginger flight therapy, sage and zinc hydrating facial cream and unisex travel sized essential cases; London for congested city destinations and Boston for all others. It's difficult to keep your selections minimal with such a range; to discover for yourself visit here.

Note: be sure to check liquid restrictions for on board luggage before you depart.