The Points North Workshop in Gotland

A soft perfume carried on the breeze with sweet notes that would otherwise be lost in the congested places we had come from. This was where you came so that your soul could tumble into woodland; where pine trees skim glassy ocean and black night skies are brushed with glitter. We were amid paradise.
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Our lives comprise a series of a moments; those we chase after, others that happen upon us; some that are daily and others obligatory. On rare occasions though you encounter a moment that changes your trajectory. An unexpected, poignant or ephemeral fragment in time. I sense Gotland was one of those for me. It was an age ago now but ever the straggler I am finally committing just a handful of impressions to a collection.

It was a place I hadn’t expected to be if not for a last minute invitation. Circumstance of coincidence meant that spare hands were short and of course I would never refuse the offer of mine. I was privileged the company of three women I knew from afar but came to adore in real life; Olivia of @adelasterfoodtextures, Linda @linda_lomelino and and Krissy from @cottagefarm.

Amid a ramble of Swedish woodland we adopted an old farmhouse as home and welcomed seven guests. Women from far flung places made akin by their creative undercurrents. It was magical communion; the kind that ignites inspiration and an experience hard to come by.

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