Secret Weapons for your New Year

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The Kind that Inspire


It’s likely to need to introduction but for visual imagery, mood boards and general inspiration Pinterest is pretty much unparalleled.


Mood boards made smart. Milanote is basically a tool to plan creative projects in a super visual way. It’s collaborative and free to a certain content limit.


Unique written perspectives from talented writers - topics are relevant and thought provoking. Three articles free per month, otherwise subscription based.

Google Trends

Given Google is basically a cultural phenomenon and because as humans we’re ridiculously curious, Google Trends charts prevailing search topics by country.


Those that Help with Plans


A modern organiser. Trello allows you to create boards, lists and cards in order to manage tasks. It’s excellent to offload internal thoughts and is free for individuals.


The ultimate to do list. You can create, share and organise lists with Wunderlist. It’s free to use and mildly addictive.

Google Keep

Essentially digital post-it notes. Google Keep allows you to capture quick thoughts and bundle them in one place. It’s free and works across devices


A service to arrange meetings and appointments without the usual back and forth of emails. It’s free, though there are also subscription options.


The Kind for Creatives


Filters that emulate film. VSCO is quite possibly the most popular photo editing app and although it doesn’t replace desktop editing it is exceptional for stories.


For professional editing Lightroom is your go to. I prefer desktop versions but there are also apps for quick work. It is subscription based, though worth the cost.

Color Story

A photo editing app tailored more toward bright colourful imagery. Online they also have beautiful presets and interesting tutorials.

Word Swag

A means to add beautiful typography over photographs. It’s free to use, though some font is designated for the paid version.


An amazing graphic design tools with which you can create worksheets, templates, & infographics. It’s mostly free though some content is only available to purchase.


An app in which you can create beautiful editorial style stories. Think lots of white space and stunning typography.


A super powerful photo editing app - think the kind that makes powerlines disappear. Remarkably it’s also free.

Creative Market

A marketplace for graphics, fonts, themes, and photos. All require purchase, though each week there are several free assets on offer.


Those for Technical Prowess


Linktree is a single bio link for Instagram that houses different avenues for your followers. Essentially it means you can give followers access to more content.

Focal Mark

An authentic hashtag generator. You can select a style, location, and camera to generate relevant tags. It’s free, though the paid version allows more user control.


Later allows you to visually plan and schedule posts. The basic plan is free, though tiered subscriptions allow more content, analytics, and profiles.


A tool to create beautiful and engaging online surveys.

Golden Hour

This app suggests the most opportune window of time for beautiful photography - the golden hour either side of sunrise and sunset. It’s location-based and free.


An app that allows you to edit the location of a photograph for Instagram. It’s made for latergramming and more carefree travel in my opinion.


Those that Improve Literacy


Your ultimate spelling and grammar companion. It integrates with Chrome, Microsoft, and macOS. It can be installed on multiple devices and is free, though the paid subscription is more through.


An editor app that critiques sentence structure and tone. Essentially it considers the readability of your work. For more philosophical authors though; and I included myself in that distinction, don’t take the advice too literally.  

Zen Pen

A minimalist writing space. Intended to be distraction free.


In Order to Manage Workflow


The ultimate note taking platform - allowing you to compile memos, lists, screenshots, and uploads in one place. The free version is everything you need, except if you want offline access - that comes with subscription.


Pocket allows you to capture online content for later reading.


Another tool without need of introduction - Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service. Use it to share files, archive, and back up digital content. I personally use it to move imagery easily from my desktop to my phone.

Google Drive

Essentially an online document service. Google Drive stores written documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. I use it to save notes, plans, and ideas, mostly so that I can access it anywhere at any time.


A service that allows you to send large files, up to 2GB for free. Super handy considering that most email servers still have size restrictions for incoming mail.


A Pinterest and Instagram scheduler that allows bulk image upload. It’s useful to maintain an online presence during periods of peak engagement.


The Kind for Personal Growth


Based on the Myer Briggs personality test - after determining your personality type read about how it influences your strengths, weaknesses, relationships, parenthood, & career path. The insight will literally change your life - it has mine.

The Minimalists

Thought-provoking ideas, articles, and podcast. All about living a meaningful life with less.

The Good Trade

Online content for conscious-minded folk. The Good Trade covers fashion, beauty, wellness, travel, and lifestyle topics.


The most adorable means to keep off your phone. Flora grows a tree in your absence. You can invite friends and even plant real trees through the app.